Lead Pastoral Candidate Information

A message from the CCC Vitality/Pastoral Search Team


Christ Community Church of Buena Park combined the Congregational Vitality Pathway process with a search for a new lead pastor in the fall of 2017. Pastor Doug Scholten announced the conclusion of his ministry with the church after a faithful and fruitful 30 years of service, planning that transition to be effective at the end of 2018. We formed a Vitality Team to lead the church along the Vitality Pathway. The Vitality Team also serves as our pastoral search team.

As part of our walk along the Vitality Pathway, Christ Community Church adopted our new mission statement:

Transforming our community to love people and follow Jesus.

Our mission statement is critical and central to all we do at CCCBP.

We are convinced that our steps along the Vitality Pathway have prepared CCCBP to become healthy and missional while laying the necessary foundation for an effective pastoral search. Our team efforts while walking the pathway have resulted in a very clear vision of who we are, where we have been, and where Christ needs to lead His church in the future. With this, the Vitality Pathway has provided a road-map for our pastoral search process. By walking the Pathway, we have discovered and documented critical components of CCCBP that should be considered by our future pastoral candidates.

Perhaps God is calling you to CCCBP as our new lead pastor. If so, please prayerfully consider the following:


1. Our Church Profile (includes application process)

2. Our Relational Covenant
3. Our Biblical Story
4. Our History
5. The Congregation Vitality Process

Please contact me to submit your resume or to answer your questions.

On behalf of the CCCBP Vitality/Pastoral Search Team,

Bob Bowers